The “EUnvironemtal emergency in simple words” is a 24-months Strategic Partnership that aims to engage 100 youngsters and 20 youth workers on raising awareness and advancing comprehension towards environmental issues. Youth will be empowered to take action and become influencers for their communities towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The project

EUnvironemtal emergency

The “EUnvironemtal emergency” project provides the space for youngsters to enrich their knowledge about environmental issues, climate challenges and related EU strategies and policies, while advance their skills and competences through a set of innovative tools. The improvement on their knowledge will result in having a thorough overview of what are the problems that our planet strives to tackle and how the communities together with politicians should act. Therefore, the project will contribute in raising their awareness towards climate change and other eco- problems thereby making them want to raise their voice and act as influencers by exposing their concerns publicly. Hence, the project seeks, through the involvement of the youngsters to the project activities, to activate them and highlight their influence to the communities. By influencing them in terms of their responsibility towards the planet, we seek to transfer this “social responsibility” awareness to their educational institutions as well and increase awareness about the environment and climate change within the educational structures.

Essentials parts of the Project

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